Receive a Full Security Analysis Report for Your Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Employees may be trusted to access sensitive business assets, but their apps may not be as trustworthy. Organizational mobile risk posture can be assessed by analyzing app-based threats of apps registered in an MDM. This will consist of apps in mobile devices that are connected to the organization’s network. Check Point SandBlast Mobile’s unique behavioral risk engines will perform full security checkup app analysis and send a detailed report with the results.

*Note: this service analyzes apps behavior looking for malicious activities. It doesn’t include security flows vulnerability assessments.

What Needs to Be Done

Export the list of mobile apps from your MDM admin console to a .csv file, then upload the .csv file using the form below. The minimum 3 fields required to be included in the .csv are: App name, App Package name/App ID and Platform (Android/iOS). The more fields entered (for example: Application signature/SHA256 etc…) will allow for a more enhanced analysis and report to be created.


Please ensure the data exported from MDM should not contain any private information such as device IDs, usernames, etc. This will allow the data to be aggregated anonymously, therefore the report will not contain individuals’ information.

Apps List Submission

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